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Take Note Troupe focuses on service in the community, specializing in Shakespeare & improv. Sound crazy? Crazier yet is how it makes perfect sense when applied to all of our human interactions.

TNT’s emphasis on the development of life skills that translate into award winning performances on stage makes it a theater program everyone can feel great about. We believe in producing family friendly, fun, uplifting shows that engage, educate, encourage and entertain. Join us in our mission!


TNT’s upbeat staging of Shakespeare’s As You Like It is set in NYC during the 1930's at the height of Hoovervilles and the Lindy Hop craze. TNT's adaptation weaves a tale of love, jealousy and deception as identities are juggled and loyalties tried. Shakespeare’s original language is preserved capturing the eloquence and timelessness of the Bard while inserting some unexpected fun. This fresh adaptation of a timeless tale is entertaining for all ages.

July 6 - 'Merica Show:

Bring your family, your BFF, or a date you want to impress and come laugh and play along with TNT's award-winning, family-friendly improv team. On the Spot takes the stage once a month. See our schedule for details. Tickets available at the door. $7 each. 7 pm. Performances at 4357 Pacific St. Rocklin CA

Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved with TNT and help us change the world for the better. There are tons of opportunities for volunteers to help out with productions, costumes, set design, tech, and more. We would love to have you join us!

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