TNT Thanks Danielle Rossetti

Our dear friend and volunteer Danielle Rossetti has stepped down from her position on the Governing Board of Directors. As a charter board member, Danielle has served as a volunteer for TNT for over 13 years and has touched hundreds of lives. She has also served as choreographer in every show since joining TNT, blessing us with over 30 years of dance experience. We are so unspeakably grateful for her generosity and her example of Looking Outward as she has helped build Take Note Troupe into what it is today.

For our Big Day of Giving campaign in 2017, Danielle shared these thoughts with us about her service in TNT: “Thirteen years ago, co-founder Janna Hargadon asked me to help their performance group with some choreography.  Though I danced for 30+ years I was a little apprehensive about trying out my choreography skills.  I helped with a production with some square dancing in a living room and discovered this group that was so much more than a performance group.  I am blessed that each year they let me play along.  One would not know that the TNT youth feel scared, shy or even like they don’t fit in while in rehearsal.  These kids are so happy to be in each other’s presence and there is so much joy that they often explode with excitement during scene development.  This is because they recognize they are in a ‘safe place’ at TNT while they learn to follow the principles of Play Theory.  This ‘safe place’ has also taught me to be a better person, I too learn Play Theory and put it into practice in my interactions with the youth and my life.  I have learned that happiness is a skill and have been given the tools to be happy even during the tough times in life.  Though I have never had a child in the program, I believe strongly in the principles that are taught and have seen extraordinary adults grow out of the program.  These kids spread goodness!”

Danielle, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have truly  made a difference and helped TNT change lives.