TNT Is Changing the World. You Can Be a Part of It.

For the past 15 years, TNT has performed Shakespeare’s works in the park, FREE, for thousands of people in the Sacramento Region. We seek to fulfill our mission to change the world in two main ways: 1)by bringing high-quality, uplifting, inspiring, and family-friendly productions to the community, and 2) by instilling in youth participants positive paradigms that cultivate generosity and joy and give them the skills to choose happiness.  PLAY THEORY does truly change lives, as youth learn to overcome habits and mindsets that contribute to depression and anxiety.

This week, we are joining with other non-profits in our area to raise awareness of the organizations that bless and strengthen our community. We are asking those who can see the need for more light and joy in the world to consider a donation of $15 or more to Take Note Troupe on the Big Day of Giving (Thursday, May 3rd). Your donation, large or small, can truly make a difference in the lives of individuals and in our community as we seek to make our programs both affordable and sustainable.


We know that there are many organizations asking for your donation and we want you to know that we are mindful of the sacrifices our donors make to support us. We pledge that we are extremely thrifty and careful with our resources to make them stretch and build our program.

You can schedule a donation now at and make a pledge to help us Change the World, One Participant and Performance at a Time! Then, put this year’s Shakespeare production, The Tempest, on your calendar and join us in the Park!

Thank you for your support.