Presidential Service Award Participation


“Service” is defined as an unpaid act that benefits others. 

Eligible Service: Travel stipends, transit/parking passes, registration passes, expense reimbursements, and other nominal volunteer support do not impact the eligibility of a service activity.

Service through National service programs that provide a stipend (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) may count towards the Lifetime Achievement Award*, but not for the annual Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards). At this time, the Lifetime Achievement is not available to be awarded.

Ineligible Service: donating funds, political lobbying (non-partisan voter registration is an eligible activity), religious instruction, conducting worship service, proselytizing, volunteer service performed as part of court-ordered community service, serving only family members.



Download this form to record your hours: PVSA service log sheet

For “Activity” be specific. This is the only place we can look to figure out what you did. Sometimes a simple entry is informative enough, sometimes more information is needed. What you need to do is avoid vagueness, such as ‘helped neighbor, babysat kids, collected books.  Sample entries :

  • Rehearsal – A Comedy of Errors
  • Dress Rehearsal – A Comedy of Errors
  • Free Public Performance – A Comedy of Errors, Roseville
  • Benefit Performance – A Comedy of Errors, Colfax School
  • Student Council Meeting – Del Oro High School
  • Food Drive – Boy Scouts
  • Sing at senior center – Lincoln
  • mowed neighbor’s lawn
  • built park benches – Eagle Scout Project, BSA
  • Presidency meeting – youth organization



Contact Michelle Romero


EMAIL your log to Take Note Troupe at using the subject header: PVSA service log. 

In the body of the email, provide the number of hours completed and the dates within which the hours are counted. These are the activities that will be looked at and the hours that will be certified. Also, specify the award level (bronze, silver or gold) and award type (pin, medallion or coin) you wish to receive.  Be sure the contact information (email and phone number) is current on the service log as it will be used in coordinating the ordering and receipt of the award.