Presidential Service Award Participation


  • go to the website:
  • go to  “Get Involved” and select “Volunteers” from the drop down menu that appears
  • Register: it’s a blue button about half way down the page
  • Create your profile:

* you are required to fill out every box in the personal info section. Use any username and password you want (the username will appear in your profile)

* you are required to select at least one box in the “Select Level of Focus” section. I suggest you select the last Level of Focus area, “Other”, as your Primary Area, and then Arts & Culture as the subcategory in that area.

* you are required to select an opt-in preference

* enter the captcha code and select the ‘submit application’ button. This will take you to your newly created ‘home’ page.

* Select “My profile” (it’s a blue button). This will take you to your profile page.

* Review all of your profile information to make sure it is correct.

* Enter ‘Your Record of Service Key’. To do this, select the blue button “Add”. Enter HRW-40218 and select “Save”. This will take you back to your profile page.

* You will see that TNT now appears as part of your profile information. You are ready to log service hours.



When you login, your home page appears. Select ‘My Service’. This will take you to the “My Service” page. If you have service entries, you will see them tabulated here. Click on “Add Activity”. This will take you to a “Record of Service” page. This is where you add your service hours. You must fill in every box.

For “Service Activity” be specific. This is the only place we can look to figure out what you did. Sometimes a simple entry is informative enough, sometimes more information is needed. What you need to do is avoid vagueness, such as ‘helped neighbor, babysat kids, collected books.  Sample entries :

  • Rehearsal – A Comedy of Errors
  • Dress Rehearsal – A Comedy of Errors
  • Free Public Performance – A Comedy of Errors, Roseville
  • Benefit Performance – A Comedy of Errors, Colfax School
  • Student Council Meeting – Del Oro High School
  • Food Drive – Boy Scouts
  • Sing at senior center – Lincoln
  • mowed neighbor’s lawn
  • built park benches – Eagle Scout Project, BSA
  • Presidency meeting – youth organization

‘Benefiting Organization’ is the organization benefiting from your service. We suggest entering ‘local communities’ for activities of general benefit (i.e. Shakespeare rehearsals and performances) and entering an organizations name when done for a specific group (i.e. school workshop). Sometimes the organization you are working for and the entity that benefits are the same (i.e. a school workshop) and sometimes they are different (i.e. a Boy Scout food drive).

Fill the rest of the boxes out, select ‘Save’. If you have more than one entry to create, select ‘Save & New’. You have now created an entry for that service on that date. You must enter every entry individually. There is no repeat button. However, type the first letter of your entry and a drop down of choices will appear allowing you to autofill. That will save time.

Before logging out, review your service record on your ‘My Service’ page to be sure the activities entered as expected.



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