PLAY THEORY in Performance for ages 8-11 and 11-14

Go to the Classes tab to enroll in Spring programming on January 6th. Classes will begin the following week.

Come study PLAY THEORY with weekly PT workshops and prepare to be a part of the ensemble for Fiddler on the Roof (rights pending). Your instructor will help you apply PLAY THEORY principles. *As the rights are still pending, we hope to bring this show in fall of 2022.

PLAY THEORY is the foundational methodolgy and paradigm of TNT. Every participant learns and studies PLAY THEORY as a crucial part of their TNT experience. Those who learn, practice, and apply the happiness skills of PLAY THEORY tend to be better at collaboration, adapting to the unexpected, and dealing with challenges. Our performances are an opportunity to apply those learned skills and share them with the audience.


Enrollment for this production is not available at this time. Go to the Classes tab to see opportunities for Play Theory in Performance for Spring 2022.



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