Play Theory in Improv for High Schoolers


Come learn or review and practice PLAY THEORY principles  led by a PT and Improv Master, Andy Sarouhan.

PLAY THEORY principles changes lives for the better and have so many applications beyond the stage. You may be surprised how much they apply to your every day life.


The Principles of PLAY THEORY, based on rules for improv, will give you the skills you need to choose happiness in life. PLAY THEORY is applicable in your school classes, job interviews, dating, career, and in all of your day-to-day experiences. It can help in dealing with anxiety, depression, loneliness, and other stresses of young adult life.

Improv skills are taught through specific techniques and games.  It’s more than thinking on your feet or being naturally funny.

Classes are taught Tuesdays from 5:30-6:45,   Just like playing a sport, PLAY THEORY is meant to practice over and over until the principles become natural and fluid in your life.  This amazing class brings together the 4 principles of PLAY THEORY through games and allows participants to practice Be Present, Let Go and Play, Say Yes And, and Look Outward.

UPDATED CLASS SCHEDULE:  Classes begin September 10 and continue each Tuesday until December 10.  We will not have class on October 15, October 29, November 12, November 26 due to other TNT productions taking place (and to celebrate Thanksgiving!).

Meet your coach Andy Sahouran, professional improv-er!


Age Group: 14-18


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