Passing the Bard Character Profiles

Some of our amazing cast members came together and wrote little sketches to highlight some of the characters in Passing the Bard, opening Friday, January 19th at the State Theater in Auburn, CA. Throughout the show, you’ll see characters based on Shakespeare’s own beloved characters and find them struggling with similar issues, even though over 400 years have passed since the Bard’s plays were first written.

Here are a few peeks at our character profiles. More can be found on social media– do you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter? You should!  And get your tickets for the show!

Meet Ophelia.
This lovably eccentric character spends her time leading the hall monitor squad, researching superstitions, and educating her fellow Take Note Tech students of the existence of aliens. Did the dog eat your homework or were aliens involved?? Ophelia would know…

Meet Ro. This Italian exchange student based on Shakespeare’s character, printing conference. Hero, joins us here at Take Note Tech just before Winter Ball. Looks like she won’t have much trouble finding a date! Can you guess which play she’s from or what her date’s name might be?


Hang on to your books, and watch your back because here comes Don, the school bully of Take Note Tech. Can he be stopped?