Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is PLAY THEORY and why do you talk about it so much?

A. PLAY THEORY is the fundamental methodology of Take Note Troupe. Where other theater companies focus on the Product (their shows), we focus more on the Process. We believe that as we teach our participants to follow the principles of PLAY THEORY, their lives will be changed for the better, AND our shows will be inspiring and uplifting for our audiences. Read more about PLAY THEORY here


Q. Why do you charge an annual registration fee?

A. In the past, we have offered class discounts for those who took multiple classes or signed up multiple family members. This registration fee is basically a way we pass on a discount for these things, because it is only charged for the first class and the first member of a family that signs up each year. It was a simplification from an accounting and invoicing standpoint to do it this way rather than constantly be calculating discounts, but the impact is the same.


Q. Why are PLAY THEORY classes a prerequisite for performance opportunities?

A. Since PLAY THEORY is a part of all we do, and because we know that learning to embody PLAY THEORY will help you be a better part of our cast, we ask that all participants take a separate PLAY THEORY class either in a previous semester or concurrently while participating in a performance class. And the more times you take a PLAY THEORY class and practice those skills, the better you’ll get!


Q: Can I enroll without paying?

A: No. Payment is part of the enrollment process. Enrollment is done as follows – login, select the class or production you want to be in (the ‘product’), put it in your cart, check-out (pay for your cart). Enrollment is complete! Your spot in a class or production is not guaranteed until your enrollment is complete.


Q: Do you accept charter school funds?

A: Absolutely. We are vendors with Horizon, South Sutter, Inspire and CORE.


Q: How do I make payment as a voucher student?

A: It is done online at our website. The payment process for voucher students is the same as for non-voucher students, with one difference. The voucher student will be given a coupon code to use in the payment portion of enrolling. This code, a one-time use code, will be provided AFTER the voucher is received by TNT.

IMPORTANT – Class and production sizes are limited. It is highly recommended that you request your voucher in advance, giving sufficient time to be able to contact us for a code.


Q: How do I get my voucher code?

A: You will receive it through the email address you provided to TNT at the time you completed your registration. It will be created once the voucher is received. If you know the voucher has been sent  to TNT you can contact us to look for it, expediting the process of receiving the code.  


Q: Can I be a walk-in to a class or production or do I need to complete everything online first?

A: Both options are possibilities. It depends on a few things. As long as the class or production has room, as long as you have met all of the requirements for participation (i.e. be a current member of TNT, fulfilled the pre-requisites), and as long as you complete the online enrollment immediately, you can be a walk-in. Your spot is not guaranteed until your enrollment is complete and enrollment includes payment.


Q: Do you pro-rate for late enrollment?

A: No


Q: Do you refund registration fees?

A: No


Q: Do you refund class fees?

A:  No. If there are special circumstances you want us to know about you can send an email to to explain and request.


Q; May I observe a class before signing up?

A: Yes. Continued attendance is contingent upon enrollment.


Q: May I bring a friend to observe so they can decide to sign up?

A: Yes!


Q: May I sit in on my child’s class?

A: Absolutely.


Q: Does TNT offer scholarships?

A: Yes. They are need-based. To apply, send an email with the subject line “Governing Board of Directors – scholarship request” to with the amount requested, the semester in which it is to be applied. and the basis for the need. The Board will review your request and get back to you. Since TNT is volunteer driven and scholarships are limited in number, you may be asked about providing a service for TNT.