Coming This Fall- Family Fun PLAY THEORY Activities Series

Announcing something new! Bring your whole family to our Family Fun PLAY THEORY Activities! Led by our founder, LaRee Florence, who created PLAY THEORY, these fun afternoons and evenings will help your family learn that Happiness is a Skill. You’ll learn or review the four PLAY THEORY principles and learn to apply them to create positive paradigms in your family.

Sign up for this series of three sessions and see how PLAY THEORY can change your family. $55 for the series! Enrollment opens June 1. The series dates are Friday, August 24th; Saturday, October 13th, and Saturday, January 12th.

More information on the Family Fun PLAY THEORY Activities Series is available HERE.

PLAY THEORY is the fundamental method of Take Note Troupe. Developed by LaRee Florence and influenced by improvisational skills, cognitive behavior therapy, and the principle that selflessness brings greater joy than selfishness, PLAY THEORY changes lives as youth and adults internalize its rules. PLAY THEORY is unique to TNT and is what separates us from other youth theater companies; indeed, we consider ourselves a youth development organization first and a theater company second, though you’ll find our award-winning productions hard to beat. Read more about PLAY THEORY HERE.