Vision Statement

  • Take Note Troupe seeks to provide theatrical experiences that support the needs of family by helping participants develop life skills that pave the way for success on stage and off. Some of the life skills TNT’s PLAY THEORY  teaches are validation of self and more importantly, of others, ability to focus and achieve goals, a positive perspective that counters the toxic cultural paradigm of criticism and condemnation. Participants also learn that performance is an opportunity to “look outward” and serve others as they ask “What is needed?”. This focus on service to the community through performance instills a drive in participants to enhance their future communities. Participants also develop self discipline as they follow through on commitments.
  • TNT and those adults currently associated with it want to testify of goodness, light and truth and strengthen the community through increasing goodness in TNT’s participants and in the community through providing uplifting, encouraging, family friendly productions.
  • TNT seeks to support and not be a burden to families. TNT is respectful of time commitments and financial costs. TNT provides positive peer interaction for youth that seek high caliber relationships with others that are seeking the higher good.
  • TNT provides valuable service in the community through workshops that shore up standards of decency and teach positive, effective ways to interact with others.
  • TNT’s participants by nature of their exposure to the community become examples. TNT strives to provide “ambassador training” that emphasizes gratitude and humility, and a “look what I have prepared to share with you as a service” not a “look at me” attitude in performance. This is achieved though coaching, inspirational teachings and training. Self aggrandizement is not encouraged. The adage “attitude reflects leadership” really comes into play here. TNT’s leaders’ examples of faithfulness, trust and service shows up in the youth.
  • There are only so many hours in a day. There are bad choices, good choices, better choices and the best choices. TNT recognizes that TNT is not the best choice for every family. TNT seeks involvement with those that TNT is the BEST choice for. TNT seeks to be the best choice by respecting others time and agency. TNT strives to not waste anyone’s time, from TNT participants, to TNT volunteers to the audiences TNT performs for. TNT seeks to make every encounter of worth.