Spring 2020 Overview

Happiness is a Skill.

At Take Note Troupe, we believe that happiness doesn’t just come by accident, nor is it simply a product of your circumstances. Happiness in everyday life can be cultivated through the application of our improv rules, encapsulated in PLAY THEORY. These rules are a part of every class, every workshop, every rehearsal, and every performance that TNT puts on. We strive to practice them both on stage and off. We know that PLAY THEORY makes us better performers who can engage our audience. It strengthens teams. It increases our ability to make the most of every situation and to do our best in whatever we do.  Our goal is to change the world one workshop, class, performance, and participant at a time.

Come Play With Us!

There are so many ways that you can join us in changing the world. Sign up for a class. Come see a performance. Have us put on a workshop for your school or business or family reunion. Audition for a part and prepare to work. Make a donation. Volunteer your time and talents. We know that in whatever way you choose to participate, if you allow PLAY THEORY to change you for the better, it will! And PLAY THEORY isn’t a once and done kinda thing. Just like yoga or baseball or ballet, the more you practice and hone your happiness skills, the more happy you’ll have. So come back again and again. We’ll save you a spot.

Our Fall 2020 Season (coming soon)

On The Spot Improv

Hilarious, family-friendly improv comedy.
Shows are at 7 pm and tickets are $7 at the door.
Shows on select Saturdays.
4357 Pacific St. Rocklin





Various Improv and Play Theory classes

Available for ages 7-18, 18-26, and families throughout the school year.
Week long summer camp workshops are also available.