Month: December 2017

Introducing TNT’s Shakespeare Intensive Workshop

Reflections from mentor  and TNT board member Angie Gardner “…Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.” (Twelfth Night) How can a playwright from over 400 years ago still be relevant and valued today? Shakespeare’s stories are filled with universal truths on human existence […]

Award winning Take Note Troupe presents “Passing the Bard”

Award winning Take Note Troupe presents “Passing the Bard” Comedic plays that inspire, educate, and leave you feeling great can be rare, so we wrote our own. This means you haven’t heard of it, but after seeing it, you’ll be telling everyone you know all about it. In this original production, engaging characters consider social media addiction […]

TNT’s Formula for Shakespeare

How does TNT continue to dish up a fresh interpretation of what can be a stale canon of literature that’s been around for over 400 years? Here’s a peek at TNT’s magic formula. First, we read the text and actually look up the words in an old dictionary.  Understanding what you are saying helps immensely. Experts […]