Award Winning Theater

Yes, you heard right. Award winning.

Which awards you ask?

Some regional and national awards and the best kind of all-

The reward of knowing we are making a positive difference in the lives of TNT participants and audiences.


The Utah Shakespearean-High School Competition

First Place Scene 2013

Second Place Sweepstakes 2012

Second Place Ensemble 2012

First Place dance Ensemble 2012

First Place Dance Duo 2012

Third Place Scene 2012

Second Place Sweepstakes 2011

Second Place Ensemble 2011

First Place dance Ensemble 2011

Third Place Ensemble Scene  2010

Third Place Scene 2010 

Third Place Sweepstakes 2009

Second Place Mono 2009

Third Place Scene 2009

Third Place Ensemble Scene 2009

Second Place Ensemble Scene 2008

First Place Monos  2006

First Place Ensemble Scene  2005

Second Place Duo Scene  2005

Ye Olde Improv Competition

Third Place 2014

First Place (perfect score!) 2013

Third Place 2012

Second Place 2011 

Third Place 2010

Third Place 2009

Sacramento  REGIONAL THEATER AWARDS -Elly Awards 2012

8 ELLY Nominations~TEMPEST


ELLY AWARD BEST DIRECTION Hank Florence  & LaRee Florence 

ELLY AWARD Best  Actress~Rachel Hodgson

Sacramento  REGIONAL THEATER AWARDS – Elly Awards 2007

10 ELLY Nominations~A Midsummer Night’s Dream

ELLY AWARD Costumes~Emmett & LaRee Florence

ELLY AWARD Best  Actress~Aurora Florence