“Changing the world for the better

one participant and performance at a time”

 TNT is a bunch of committed enthusiasts striving to change the world through uplifting productions,  Play Theory workshops and award winning adaptations of Shakespeare. Over the years TNT has mentored hundreds of youth and served thousands more in the community.  TNT strengthens society by providing young people a safe environment to develop valuable life skills and an opportunity to serve through theatrical performance.

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“I have a theory that talent is very common. What’s rare is the environment that allows talent to flourish.” ~Mary Vinton Folberg

Mission Statement  

Take Note Troupe (TNT) teaches positive paradigms that cultivate generosity and joy through validation of self and others on stage and off.  TNT’s family friendly, principle-based productions, workshops and classes provide positive peer interaction where participants gain confidence, discover talents and develop leadership skills while serving in the community.

TNT is a not for profit 501 (c)(3)



Take a look at our Vision Statement outlining our core beliefs in depth or check out how it all started through the History of TNT.